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We are always looking for volunteers! We are a foster based rescue which means we do not have a shelter location and all of our cats/kittens are kept in foster homes. In order to continue saying “Yes!” when we’re asked for help, we need volunteers! We are looking for 5 specific types of volunteers. Please read below for more information!

Foster parent: This volunteer role includes fostering cats or kittens in your home. Providing space and love to them until they reach adoption age. All you need is a spare bathroom, bedroom, or room for a kitten playpen. We will provide all necessary vet care and give you the supplies to get you started.

Remote rescuer: This volunteer role is completely remote. It includes admin tasks that can be done from anywhere. Specifically things like listing pets on Petfinder, social media assistance, documentation organization and managing our website.

Rescue Transport: This volunteer role includes transporting cats and kittens from their foster homes to Madison, Wi for vet care and/or adoptions.

Fundraising Supporter: There are many versions of this role. You will have the opportunity to be involved with fundraising by organizing events, assisting with events or helping get the word out!

Cat Cuddler: Provide love and cuddles to the cats and kittens in our cat socialization room.  

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